Terms and Conditions

All the visitors are welcome to our page narrating about different things mentioned in our “Terms and Conditions” section. In this page, you will get acquainted with the specific rules and regulations for the client to make use of Sduko website.

Just before, you kick-start going through the website, concerned person will require to give their consent, for agreeing to follow the “Terms and Conditions” guidelines. The person will not receive the permission to access the website, if the acceptance in adhering to series of “Terms and Conditions” is not followed, then one will not get the access to the website.

All the men that are keen to get some erotic or adult pleasure do look for such websites on the internet. For them, escorts actually dispense multiple forms of erotic services and make the “Pleasure Seekers” completely happy. At this place, both the parties that is “Pleasure Seekers” and “Pleasure Givers” fins a common platform. The escorts are free to post their advertisements through profiles and also mention in detail about “Terms and Conditions” for their paid services. On the other hand, “Pleasure Seekers” can easily gain access to all above-mentioned information. Later on, one can also contact the hot females through contact information that is uploaded on the portal.

At this stage, Terms and Conditions actually controls our use of the clients, personal information, in addition the use of different cookies and matching technology. We, actually just display the minimum personal information that will help in dispensing of the service preferred by the clients.


One should keep in mind, that website administrators can’t be held accountable for the genuinity, satisfactory and high-quality of the information and other adult services displayed on the portal. The client on his front is required to completely authenticate the given information. That is mentioned in the form of Text, video, audio etc.

Everyone should be clear, that one is not playing the role of either a mediator or a agent amid the escort agency and the pleasure seekers. In real, the precise employers are agencies or the independent escorts making it convenient for the clients to receive desired adult entertainment, matching with the local law.

Consent of Age

It is mandatory, that you can be either a “Pleasure Seeker” or a “Pleasure Giver” the declaration of your age above the legal or permissible number is correct. Apart from this also, one is not going to get offended by the adult content. Plus, one is comfortable in suitably accessing of the sex explicit contents or advertisement.


Unless, it is mentioned or declared otherwise, Sduko does reserve the right for all the materials posted on this site. No one, either a individual or an agency is permitted to use the content or the advertisements posted on the website. One can look and even take out a print of the pages for their own use. Having said this, one is strictly subject to the list of restrictions mentioned below:

  1.  The republishing of the content or advertisement is prohibited.
  2.  No one can indulge in selling, renting or even sub-licensing of the advertisements and erotic content from the Sduko website.
  3.  One also is subject to conditions in duplicating, copying or reproducing of the erotic pictures or profiles in any other way. Especially, from this site.

If anyone is checked upon for violating any of the above-mentioned “Terms and Conditions”, then concerned person or agency is directly liable to face the legal consequences for the same.

Apart from all of this, one is also required to check upon the following conditions, that mentions about our policy of acceptable uses:

Accessing of this site or the content is not permitted to be used in tarnishing image of the person or the complete escort agency. The concerned person is required to get interested in the data, just due to his own preference or interest.

No Copied Content

The escorts are guided not to post any of the copied form of content on this portal site that actually belonged somewhere else. If there is any proof about the infringement of a copyright, then the concerned user’s account will automatically get rescinded without any prior notice.

No Placement of third-party link without the consent

The person making use of this portal site is required to understand, that one will not get permission for placing of a third-party link, sans our approval. Apart from the genuine source, the web link of the other source can’t get any working space on this portal site. Even, the one that contains libelous, obscene or criminal content or that violates or is liable to infringe any third-party rights.

Summary and Guidelines

Users can easily check out the following concise narration of our “Terms and Conditions”. That will assist in the clearing of the doubts or misconceptions. Later on, making it convenient for the people to comprehend all the relevant clauses mentioned above. Having said this, these guidelines are not supposed to be considered a legal suggestion. As and when, the material is considered lawful to become a part in the posts and other advertisements.

Contractual Penalty

In any case of the violation of specified General Terms and Conditions for the use of Internet portal, and in the matter of posting adult and pornographic content without prior notification of the Provider of these Terms and conditions, the Creator will be responsible for paying a contractual penalty to the Provider - excluding a plea of continuance - the amount of which may be determined by the Provider in its equitable discretion and competent review of suitability in case of doubt by the Court.


  1. Just post the advertisements that contain references to paid sexual services.
  2. Using of pornographic pictures or sexually exciting images. Special emphasis on obscene images or genitalia, that is not in accordance with the local laws and regulations.
  3. Any image of the erotic kind, that appears to be of non- consensual or extensive pornography, quite likely to cause severe hurt to a person’s anus, breasts or genitals are prohibited.
  4. Any material that is used without the approval of the participant or any ad that falls under the category of revenge porn is not acceptable.
  5. Any picture or material that is depicting, promoting, offers sexual activity with a minor or which is promoting Pedophile. This is a big “NO”.
  6. Any person caught to include any such picture or content that depicts the profile of Pedophile material, will surely attract legal proceedings. This will lead him to a fine, imprisonment or levying of penalties by the competent parties. Besides, this we possess all the power to report material that conflict with our rules on extreme pornography or revenge pornography.
  7. Before posting of any escort advertisement or other advertisement for the adult services, the concerned person is required to confirm that he or she is surpassing the legal age. They have accessed or posting ads based on their sole discretion. They have not been found in any way by the other person. Without providing the consent of legal age, one will not be able to use any similar service of our site or posts advertisement of any kind.
  8. Users are permitted to use the similar advertisement in a maximum of three different cities.
  9. One can’t and even should not repeat the same advertisement in the same city during the same time period.
  10. One should never include hypertext links in any advertisement or profile.

With the aim to facilitate convenience and easy use of our site and help people gain maximum benefits for the same in their specific geographical location, we will operate the service as per our sole discretion that will be in the ambit of the specified terms and conditions.

These Terms of Use are governed by and interpreted in accordance with English law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.