Privacy Policy

Sduko without a doubt is a leading adult ad portal, where erotic advertisement classified is posted. All of the users of this website are advised to go through Privacy Policy completely.

Any personal information of the escort or the online visitor that one receives stores or is handled does confine to the relevant Data Protection Legislations.

We are confined by the Privacy Policy that is defining specific rules and procedures. Through which one stores and later on process all of your data.

Please make a note that on contacting any escort, making use of the specific contact details, listed on the uploaded advertisements section. For this, one is not to be held responsible to attest the accuracy of the data. Neither, one controls the way escort agencies information is accessed from the other sources. It is the sole responsibility of the escorts to authenticate the data. It is the sole responsibility of the escorts and the user’s and the concerned clients that information that is posted on the website is genuine. It will add to the seamless transaction and delivery of the erotic services. Matching the individual’s competence and particular needs and requirements of the “Pleasure-Seekers”.

What Information We Collect:

One accumulates the list of information from the escorts and the other “Fun-Seekers”.

  1. The complete information that is provided by the Pleasure-Givers in the advertisement placements or the profile creation. The information like – email address, contact number, even other vital details provided in the advertisement. Over here, the escort, possess the freedom in disclosing any information related to the hot female.
  2. Name and email address of the recipient or the “Pleasure-Seekers” that is going to receive the escort services.

Over here, one just accumulates the information from the escort. This is done for the sole purpose of facilitating a contract amid the site and the escort. The other information provided in the advertisement is restricted to be used by us only.

Our collection of the database comprising of “Pleasure- Seekers” is carried out for the smooth completion of a lawful functioning of this website. Plus, aiding the “Pleasure-Seekers” to receive the services as wished. Also, the one actually satisfying the purpose for which the portal platform is developed at the first place.

Our Use of Data

In addition, to the “Privacy Policy” our use of clients, personal data is restricted to internal record. Subsequently, keeping and continuously improving of our products or services.

Your vital information is completely safe over here. Every, information is stored on secured servers. It allows access to your personalized account, only through a particular user name and unique generation of the password. One makes use of technical and strict organizational measures to conceal the data.

When can We Disclose Information to Third Parties

Disclosure Permitted By Law

On using this website, you are acknowledging and agreeing that webmaster holds the right in revealing the information. Just in case, it is necessary as per the legal obligation. Your information will also get shared along with the Government agencies, just in case.

  1. 1One requires your personal info for carrying out a series of identity verification
  2. For the execution of detection, investigation and prevention of cyber offences.
  3. Under any legal compliance.

However conforming, that information disclosed to third party will not get published for any other reason.

Transfer of Information

Your sensitive personal data or information can be transferred to a third party irrespective of its location only when you have provided proper consent for it.

All the sensitive information can also be transferred to a third party. Irrespective, of its location, only when, you have agreed on sharing it.

Deny Consent to Provide Information

One can easily decline to provide the personal data or information. You just require declining the consent to a “Privacy Policy”. One is also entitled to decline the permission one might have earlier granted, through writing of email, in connection to the same privacy. However, not accepting to our privacy policy or withdrawing the consent. It will bar you from accessing the desired information that one is actually looking for.

Correction of Your Information

If there is a requirement for modifying, inspecting or correcting of the personal information, then you can correct it too. One just requires sending an email to

Protection of Abuse Victims

There is no reason for us to follow any rules and regulations or a protocol, if we figure out that a information is related to any party, person subjected to trafficking, abuse or coercion. We may also disclose the personal information to authorities that is felt as the right ones to report to or handle the similar type of information. This kind of authority might include child protection agencies, law enforcing agencies or court officials.

Age Restrictions

This site is especially for adult services site as laid out in the Terms of Use.


Our site and database is equipped with a wide range of security measures that will assist in the protection of loss, misuse or alteration of data stored in the database. We have installed highly Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and/or strong encryption (3DES) technology during credit card transaction, access to our site data as administrator, as well as other proprietary security measures related to transfers of user information. We exercise proper care in ensuring the secure transmission of information to all users but as no information transmitted over the Internet can be 100% fool-proof, for this one will not be liable at all, if any unintentional disclosure of the information is taking place.

Links to or Access from Other Sites

One must know that external links, products or services offered by third parties are not connected with our “Privacy Policy”. We should not be held responsible for any of the products or services that are dispensed by the third party. On using this website, it will lead you to access all third party links for which you are required to read third party policy. It should be done before submitting crucial information to the link. We are certainly not responsible in case this may lead you to a loss or any other kind of damage to your reputation.

Access to Information

The Data Protection Legislation entitles you the authority to know and access data stored about you. Your privilege of access can be practiced as per the Data Protection Legislation. One can easily request for the access of your data and we will get responded within 30 days of time-period. If you don't mind utilizing the contact details as given underneath.

Contacting the Website

If there is any query in reference to the privacy statement or the security explanation, the activities of the site or your dealings with the site. Then you are free to communicate through –

Resolving conflicts

In case of any conflict or dispute for non-agreement of terms, all the matters will get resolved exclusively in India to the best of legal terms as you submit to the individual locale of both of these courts to dispute any such case and that the laws of India will get administered.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

We may change this privacy policy in case we consider it suitable or as may be required by the law. Users would be then informed of the changes as this will be immediately posted on the site. Each user must accept the terms of the privacy policy on their first use after modifications.